Thursday, May 3, 2012


It sounds like it was a great week. That is really cool that Kira came up for a suprise and you guys enjoyed a fun time at the beach. Today we stopped by the beach for an hours to just relax on our Pday. It is the first nice day we had in a while so we felt blessed that it was on preparation day. I am glad to hear that the boys enjoyed Prom. You two need to write me and tell me all about it. It is always really nice to hear that everyone is enjoying life.
Well this was a great week for us. The whole start of the week was pretty normal and we were able to see a few people and stop by some less actives. Then we had a district meeting and we were lucky because the Elderly couple in Lille (who were in the MTC with Grandma and Grandpa) made us a really good meal. Best one that i have had in a long time. Well when we got back we were able to teach this family that was given to us as a referral from our branch president. It went really well. Then the next day it was hard because it seemed that everything else we had planned fall through for some reason or another. So it was pouring rain and we decided we really had no other choice so we went our and knocked doors. We started to do this area and had a quick pray before we started, after 3 houses we just felt like we need to go some where else so we just started to walk and as we came to an area not to far off we started to knock again. It seemed that everyone was extra mean or maybe it was i was just wet and cold, but we were starting to feel down. Not to long after that we knocked on a door and right after we said who we were the man invited us in. At first i was confused because it was so quick and easy, but when we got in he started to tell us how he used to be believing but he had lost the faith but his wife still had the faith. Then he told us how a few years earlier his wife got sick and i am not sure what exactly it is but it is making her body slowly shut down. Well we talked to him about pray and asked if we could have a pray with them. So he went to the other room and brought his wife in on her wheel chair and we had a pray. We then fixed another time to come back by and left. Then the next day just after Church we got a call from a number we did not know and it was that man Christoph. He had called just to thank us because he said that it was the best night that his wife has had in a long time, because usually she has hard nights, but everything was peaceful that night. He told us that he knew it was because of the pray we had given and just called to thank us. It was a really cool experience and i learned a lot from it and am super excited to start teaching them. It really humbled me and pushes me to be better so i can be prepared for people like them who really are humble and need this gospel. It now seems funny to me because i was really mad that everyone canceled on us that day and now i am so grateful that we had the opportunity to go out in the rain and find someone who needed Christ back in their life. Also yesterday i gave a talk in church and it was funny because i was so nervous but i prayed that it could just all go well and touch someone listening. After i felt that it went really well and i don't know if it helped anyone else, but i had the assurance that God was there helping me. It is funny how often while we are out fulfilling our calling in helping others we seem to grow and get so much out of it for ourselves.
Well i just want to say that i am enjoying the experiences here in Dunkerque and hope that you are all doing your best to come closer to Christ each day. Thanks again for all that you all do for me. JE T'AIME! I miss you! Make it a great week!
Elder Davis

PS Dad i have not been to the WWII memorial yet and i am not sure where it is, but i will ask and see if we can go by next monday. Thanks Dad you are the best!

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